Emergency Response Pack King Air

For Microsoft Flight Simulator

We are super pleased to announce that our much-loved Emergency Response Liveries are now available on all platforms and will be the second pack of many livery packs to come!


If you love flying around Australia as a remote medic, these are a must have!

This pack includes 8 liveries which cover all of the Australian Aeromedical Service Providers


Note: The Registrations cannot be changed due to the positioning in the real-world.


The following liveries are included in this pack:

– CareFlight NT

– Ambulance NSW New Paint (Lord Howe Island)

– Ambulance NSW Old Paint

– Ambulance Victoria

– Royal Flying Doctor (Dubbo Region)

– Royal Flying Doctor (South Australia Region)

– Royal Flying Doctor (Old Livery – Queensland Region)

– Victoria Police (Airwing Unit)



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